Honey An Immunity Booster To Fight Diseases

Honey has been in this world from millions of years and has been benefiting us with its various enriching qualities which not only help to cleanse our body but also help to support our immune system to create cells that help to fight rigorous diseases.

Before talking about the natural properties of honey that help to strengthen our immune system, we should take a minute to understand what is the Immune system?

Our Body Immune System 

This is an inner ability or strength of the body to self-heal and fight various infections, bad bacteria and diseases. A complex system that contains the network to record every microbe that is badly affecting our body. A healthy lifestyle and good diet can always help in strengthening our immunity.

Here are the 5 properties of honey that help us fight disease: 

1. Antioxidants Properties :

Honey has a very rich antioxidant property which helps you prevent diseases caused by high blood pressure. Study shows that honey-rich with its antioxidant compounds can lower the blood pressure. if you want to be wary of heart disease including a spoon of honey in your diet is the right choice.

2. Infection Prevention Properties:  

According to the study published in a journal by scientists at the University of Amsterdam. Honey has amazing qualities to kill bacteria that cause infection and helps in healing wounds.

 Honey is naturally rich with hydrogen peroxide which is an antiseptic that helps in healing wounds. its ability to control the PH level proves to be a healing remedy. Hence there is no doubt that honey is a way out to naturally heal infections.

3. Helps in Healing Cough:

if you are not able to sleep because of the bad cough consider using honey, as it will help you give relief and let you sleep with instant soothing effect. 

It has properties that help to heal respiratory infections. Medical science has accepted the fact that Honey treatment for respiratory and cough problems works better than common cough medications.

 4. Natural Sweet Flavor: 

Honey has a naturally sweet flavour with enriching qualities. So if you are worried about increased calories in your diet, substituting honey with regular sugar will be a great step towards your healthy lifestyle. 

Honey has various nutritional compositions like amino acid, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants that are very beneficial for the human body. Whereas regular added sugar is high in calories which leads to high risk of obesity, high blood pressure, sugar and many other diseases caused dues to its non-nutritional values.

Being less processed and have more benefits and nutrients than sugar it will be an ideal decision to replace honey with sugar in your lifestyle.

5. Boost up Body Energy:

Honey an amazing gift of nature that is made by honeybees from nectar has astonishing property of boosting you up with energy if used correctly. A day started with a spoon of a honey empty stomach will give you the energy to fight back the tiredness caused by your daily chores. You will feel fulfilled with energy with its property of providing energy to a human body.


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