Palestinian Nablus Olive Oil Soap (6 Pack)
Palestinian Nablus Olive Oil Soap (6 Pack)
Palestinian Nablus Olive Oil Soap (6 Pack)

Palestinian Nablus Olive Oil Soap (6 Pack)

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Nablus Pure Palestinian cold pressed Olive Oil Soap.

This natural organic olive oil soap made in the Nablus since 1880 is the perfect mild natural soap for healthy skin.

Nablus soap is made from 100% pure cold pressed Palestinian olive oil and made in Palestine with several awards accredited to this wonderful soap.

Nablus soap comes in nice large hand cut blocks

Nablus soap is a type of castile soap produced only in Nablus in the West Bank. Made from virgin olive oil the soap is ivory colored and has almost no scent.

Traditionally the women made the soap for household use for centuries. It is said that Queen Elizabeth I of England loved the soap from Nablus.

Nablus  soap is made with virgin olive oil, water and an alkaline sodium compound which is made by mixing the powdered ashes of the barilla plant (qilw) which grows along the banks of the River Jordan with the local lime (sheed). The sodium compound is heated with water and the olive oil in large copper vats over fermentaition pits. Soap is then stacked in cone like structures to dry for up to a year.

Perfume is never used in Nablusi soap and is cut in the classic cube shape and wrapped by hand in paper which is waxed on one side.

It must be pointed out that the abundance of "olive oil" was the main reason for the availability of suitable for the manufacture of soaps environment in Nablus, also helped spread public Turkish baths in the city, in the continuation of the industry and increasing demand, it has been associated with soap Nabulsi old public baths, as the worker He finished his work evening and buys a piece of soap and go out to a spa for a bath Traditional Nablus Natural Organic ECOCERT Certified Olive Oil Soap-Olive Oil (125 Gm)


A gorgeous cruelty free soap made in Palestine using pure, natural extra virgin olive oil via a traditional recipe originating in the ancient city of Nablus. The soap has moisturising and softening qualities, while also supporting the natural regeneration system of the skin.


The oil is rich in antioxidants which neutralise free radicals to help keep your skin looking young and feeling soft. The soap is ideal for everyday use and suitable for dry or sensitive skin as it contains no synthetic perfumes or preservatives.


This cruelty-free soap is made using a time-honoured recipe from the ancient city of Nablus and is free from synthetic perfumes and preservatives, and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.


Full Ingredients:

Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sodium Hydroxide (Food Grade Caustic Soda)

Aqua (Water)

How to Use:

Suitable for all skin types.

Use daily to maintain skin detoxification and radiance.