Bee Bread
Bee Bread
Bee Bread
Bee Bread
Bee Bread
Bee Bread

Bee Bread

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  • The prevailing belief in the interpretation of the Qur’anic verse (a drink of various colors in which there is a cure for people) was that the intention here is only honey of different colors according to the source of the nectar that it includes white, yellow or dark honey and that honey is the only food produced by bees that are rich in its components and which the human body needs for nourishing, fortifying, and healing.
  • Then man soon discovered beeswax, which is produced in its liquid form first and then turns into wax.
  • Then the discovery of the scent resin propolis material collected by bees, which is the secret of protecting the beehive from all health hazards that threaten it, whether due to weather, environment or germs because this substance contains a powerful defensive force that prevents the reproduction of any harmful organism in the beehive and thus excels in Its usefulness all man-made antibiotics and at the same time it supports the immune strength of the beehive, and thus the ancient sages used it to support the immunity of humans when consumed.
  • Then man discovered bee venom and found in it one of the  greatest benefits for humans if it is ingested or used topically  in human medicines.
  • Then he discovered the pollen that bees collect from the middle of the flowers, and apply some changes in it by adding enzymes to turn it into a very great food full of all kinds of enzymes, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins … which maintains the health and activity of a person for a long time if he consumes it constantly.
  • Then man discovered the secret behind the strength and double size of the queen bee than the rest of the bees, and its constant ovulation throughout its life without stopping besides its ability to manage the kingdom accurately and Ideally, they found that the secret lies in these drops of white -colored and sour food that bees make from nature in a divine combination that humans are unable to do the same as they have been unable to count and know their numerous components and secrets so far. kings and wealthy people around the world enjoyed eating them due to their scarcity. Its prices became high before the spread of beekeeping and finding a technique for producing royal food.


Some of the benefits of bee bread:
  1. Natural antihistamine which prevents and fights allergies
  2. Natural anti-cancer
  3. For patients with anemia
  4. Strengthen memory
  5. Rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids
  6. Natural tonic and increases the energy and vitality of the body
  7. It improves and rejuvenates the glands, body cells and skin
  8. Works to get rid of harmful cholesterol
  9. Protects blood vessels and reduces varicose veins
  10. It helps the body to produce immunity cells and antibodies to fight disease.
  11. Helps rid the liver of toxins
  12. It improves prostate function, increases activity and sexual desire, works to restore ovarian functions and stimulates hormones, which helps in the process of fertilization and pregnancy.

How to use bee bread:

It can be eaten by adding it to natural juices, milk, or yogurt, sprinkling it on a piece of bread coated with honey, sprinkling it on salads or fruits, or putting it in sandwiches or various pies and there are those who prefer to eat it directly. A tablespoon or two daily.