Costus powder 150g

Costus powder 150g

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Saussurea costus (S. costus) belongs to family of Asteraceae and is one of the therapeutic plants extensively used as a traditional medicine in Saudi Arabia. Constituents of this plant have the potential to be developed as bioactive molecules. Among Arabs, the prevalence of thyroid disorders ranges from 6.18 % to 47.34% and hypothyroidism has been reported to be the most prevalent. Although there is no natural treatment that can directly replace thyroid hormones, their role as an alternate treatment or as an add-on to available thyroid treatment has been explored. Flavanoids and antioxidant properties of S. costus may be an important mechanism involved in supporting its medicinal use. 

General pharmacology

Saussurea costus is a medicinally important plant and rich in bioactive phytoconstituents. Until now, many compounds of S. costus have been identified including Sesquiterpene terpenes (ST), anthraquinones, alkaloids and flavanoids. Sesquiterpene terpenes are main compounds of S. costus root which include dehydrocostus lactone (DCL) (46.8%), costunolide (CS) (9.3%), 8-cedren-13-ol (5.1%) and α-curcumene (4.3%). These constituents have been reported to have medicinal properties and possesses various bioactivities such as antifungal, antidiabetic, antihelmintic,antitumor, antiulcer, immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hepatotoxic. Identified flavanoids of S. costus possess antimicrobial properties.