Louvre Honey 500g
Louvre Honey 500g

Louvre Honey 500g

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louvre honey ( gaining weight)

Louvre honey is a mixture of honey for fattening … it is considered one of the most important natural materials and preferred by many people in the treatment of thinness, as it helps as appetite stimulant and gaining weight because it contains the nutrients necessary for the health of the body, and it also includes minerals and vitamins that provide the body with energy and activity. It contributes to maintaining a clean body from the inside and an effective treatment of cold and flu diseases, as well as its effective ability to strengthen the immune system and treat many diseases.

The Mujeza weight gain group includes a selection of products that increase weight and at the same time promote health
It gives physical strength, develops muscles, gives vitality, increases immunity against diseases, and controls blood sugar and blood pressure
The weight gain group includes the following products:

louvre honey – peanut butter – bee bread – a bunch of nuts – pollen

Benefits of louvre honey:- provides the body with nutrients that promotes health and vitality.

Peanut butter is made by grinding peanuts, so that itand the nuts group contain a group of nutrients important for the health of the body, including plant proteins that contribute to building muscle mass and organic compounds similar to hormones that contribute to weight gain.
These grains also contain essential fatty acids that support the health of the heart and arteries, activate the work of the body’s glands, protect against infections and raise immunity. Add to that the rich content of these grains of important vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium

Bee bread in which the bee collects all its products to be a unique divine paste, then stores it in the cells of the hive, to feed the young bees. Free amino acids) bee bread also contains vitamins, including the vitamin B complex group and folic acid approximately 40% of its components, and bee bread contains many nutrients that are lacking in other animal food products
Some benefits of bee bread:

  • Natural antihistamine which prevents and fights allergies
  • Natural anti-cancer
  • For patients with anemia
  • To strengthen memory
  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids
  • Natural tonic and increases the energy and vitality of the body
  • Improves and rejuvenates glands, body cells and skin
  • Works to get rid of bad cholesterol
  • Protects blood vessels and reduces varicose veins
  • Helps the body produce immune cells and antibodies to fight disease
  • Helps rid the liver of toxins
  • It improves the functioning of the prostate, increases activity and sexual desire, restores ovarian functions and stimulates hormones, which helps in the process of fertilization and pregnancy.

Pollen is collected by bees from flowers during their wanderings to collect nectar and transport it to the hive to put it in their hexagons. Then specialized bees inside the hive cover the pollen with honey to protect it from corruption. Important changes occur in it, such as the formation of lactic acid, and worker bees feed on it
Pollen is a major source of the most important food components, its benefits:

  •  Prevention of premature aging diseases
  •  A natural anti-allergic that gradually prevents the body’s sensitivity to pollen
  •  Getting rid of skin ulcers and infections
  •  Treatment of arteriosclerosis
  •  Preservation of blood vessels
  •  It works to increase sexual activity and increase energy
  •  Treatment of malnutrition and anemia
  •  Strengthening the body’s immune system
  •  It is useful in treating inflammation of the small intestine
  •  It works to improve fertility and treat infertility cases
  •  It is useful in treating prostate enlargement