manuka honey candy(8*2.8g)22.4g
manuka honey candy(8*2.8g)22.4g
manuka honey candy(8*2.8g)22.4g

manuka honey candy(8*2.8g)22.4g

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Solid Manuka Honey candy dried by cold process using a high precision technology to preserve the properties and enzymes in honey.



These pure Manuka Honey candy are made from some of the best New Zealand Manuka Honey which is recognized for its unique properties and it has been valued for its health-maintaining effects. Customers enjoy its delecious taste besides its health benefits. It is fabulous to lessen sore throat and symptoms of influenza

Manuka honey is made by European bees that feed on the nectar of the Manuka tree flowers in New Zealand and Australia. It is one of the most famous types of honey in the world, as it contains potent antioxidant compounds, and many enzymes in concentrated numbers, which enable it to treat many diseases naturally.

Usually written on the package a number next to the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), from which we can infer the amount of methylglyoxal which is responsible for honey’s antimicrobial strength.

Health benefits of Manuka honey:


1. Useful for digestive problems, especially stomach germs.

2. Maintaining the normal blood insulin level for diabetic patients.

3. Reducing high cholesterol in the blood.

4. For prevention and assistance in treating cancer diseases

5. Relieves eye, ear and sinus infections.

6. Improves sleep and eliminates insomnia.

7. Regenerating skin cells and cleansing them from pimples such as acne.

8. It activates the immunity and prevents the multiplication of microbes and viruses