Noukhba Honey VIP 500 GRAM

Noukhba Honey VIP 500 GRAM

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Al Nokhba Honey (VIP Honey GIFT)

Mujeza Al shifa present delicious , tasty honey as a gift to our valued customer.Premium raw Yemeni honey enriched with fresh royal jelly and green propolis to strengthen and support immunity.
This honey comes at the forefront of the list of the best types of honey that the company offers to its valued customers.
It is the gift that fits the heritage of our company and expresses the international quality of honey, which is presented by the delegations of kings, heads of states, princes, celebrities, businessmen, leaders and diplomats. The body is protected from diseases of the age, providing it with vitality and energy, and developing mental abilities.

Since the company is established, it was concerned with distributing the gifts with all their several levels as advertisement and in purpose of spreading the honey culture or honoring the guests and visitors of the company. As well as in purpose of gain the trust and love of social and economic figures in the State. The company has also a great credit in experience of processing gifts with several packages of the finest types of the natural pure honey and the honey which includes additions of some of the bees’ products or combs for t he increased health benefits. We hereby have made special orders related to this field indoor and abroad Kuwait for governmental and non-governmental authorities and banks for submitting them for their special customers or submitting them to their visitors coming from abroad. We hereby are ready to approve and implement any idea or suggestion of any authority of individuals or establishments for processing the gifts of the healthy products or the natural honey of their choice based on the type of honey and the packaging g of the size either big (kilo) or small size for distributing them on the guests of wedding parties or the Haj campaigns for distributing it on the pilgrims by appropriate prices.

Mujizat Al-Shifa’ Co. is a reputable brand in the world of honey and healthy foods over the last thirty years in which its reputation is built based on the accumulated knowledge and its regular interest on maintaining its products and the regular embodiment for its services. One of the most things that the Mujizat Al-Shifa’ Co. is proud of in its experiment of the luxurious gifts products (Lujain, Elite, and drinks) which started at the first meeting of joining the leaders of the GCC in Kuwait. The organizing committee was concerned with submitting dedication fits its heritage and expresses its high quality with profitable returns to the health, it hereby chose our products and company. From then on, the (Lujain) has been spread in the world of honeys then it is progressed towards further products such as the finest types of honey and herbs offered by the Mujizat Co. as one of the best creativities that we are proud with launching them in the markets and the company’s special customers. The Mujizat Al-Shifa’ Co. hereby undertakes with being the first reference in the world of honey and maintain the trust devoted for her over years and continuing its reputation and creativity so that the honey shall be available in every house that seeks the special quality and taste.

The Targeted Categories:

The ministries, governmental establishments/ authorities, banks, co-societies, health clubs, (V.I.P) , the significant guests of the company either inside Kuwait or at the abroad branches, an d the media establishments for swapping the (Parter) Lujain honey.

It might be the misfortune of brand of food with the same fame that the bees honey retained as appreciated by people all over eras. Moreover, over thousands years ago the Neanderthal used to eat his/her food containing the bees honey that was usually used as medicine. Moreover, it is what we found in the pictures, manuscripts, and layouts of the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Iraq, Syria, and the same shown in the manuscripts of the Neanderthal meanwhile collecting the honey from the wild bees’ nests located up to the rocks in Spain in which timeline lasts for more than 8,000 years old, as well as, the other rocky manuscripts of the bees’ nests in caves in further places all over the world. It is also proved that the ancient Egyptians used to use the bees honey in mummification for maintaining the mummies’ tissues as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the other Holy Books including the books of the Greek elders, and the Indian and Chinese philosophers that it was used as food for renewing youth period, resisting aging, strengthening the youthfulness and was used as medicine for many diseases. Over the old eras, the elders dedicated special interest to the honey thinking that eating it on regular basis helps on extending their longevity. The physicians assert that the majority of super-centenarians all over the world are common in the feature that they usually live in mountains and live on beekeeping and eating honey with large quantities.

For long centuries ago, the honey maintained its place as the secret of healthy life. Moreover, the ancient people considered it as symbol of clarity and a secret of life secrets. On the other hand, Pharaohs used to give the newborns honey on their born dates as the guidance of the lifetime happiness. The Pharaohs man was submitting it to his wife as expressing their happy marital life. However, the agers adopted it as main food. The historians highlighted that Pythagoras ( the famous Greek Mathematician) – the famous mathematics theorist- had lived for more than ninety year and his food was com posed of bread and honey. On the other hand, the “ Abu-Qurat” (the father of medicine) – who had lived for more than 108 years- used to eat honey daily whereas it was known that eating it adds longevity credit. Ibn Sina – that the foreign western universities are yet processing teaching his medical sciences- recommended eating honey for maintaining the youthfulness and vitality. Recommending those who passed the age of forty five to eat it regularly especially with coconut powder which contains the useful oil, and fatty acids.

The ancient Islamic culture science and modern sciences confirmed that the bees honey is a good food, medicine, and strong reinforcement benefiting the human body, natural antibiotic that does not contain any microbes, fungi, or any viruses but the most important is that it strengthens the immunity system of human which resists all diseases attacks him. The bees played significant role in humanities whereas over 700 years ago, there was no sugar-cane neither in Africa nor in Europe which was transferred from the south of Pacific via China to the Mediterranean. However, the development of the sugar beet as sugar-cane was modern concept. Thus, the main resource of sugar at that time was represented in the bees honey and some fruits. The bees honey was used in the folk medicine and healing wounds. The bees honey was almost considered as integral established pharmacy due to its countless benefits including but not limited to its being useful for diabetics, IBS patients, indigestion, chronic constipation , ulcers, anemia, chronic asthma, high blood pressure, rheumatoid, chronic headaches, and it was content that pregnant ladies used to carry for enabling them easy giving birth and increase their milk while breastfeeding. On the other hand, the honey is enough for skin to spray it on it either by pouring hot or boiled liquids on it immediately, the next day there will not be any remains for any dermal burns.

Whereas the bees honey is one of the oldest foods and medicines that were found with the emergence of human and adopted it for many centuries as main food before discovering the bread, milk, grains, the man used it also in treating the diseases from beginning so maintained his health and strength. However the modern life moved and changed the shape of life and food. The Mujizat Al-Shijaa’ Co. hereby considered insuring all types of honey and the other bees’ kingdom products such as the royal jelly (Proplis) in addition to the special honey mixes distinguished with their ability to enhance the public health. On the top of the finest types of honey insured by the company to its preciously esteemed customers, Lujain Honey appears which is called (VIP Honey) which is distinguished with its supreme quality unparalleled among the other types of honey which are greatly supported with some significant additions of the royal jelly , propolis, which increases its endless benefits that include activating the body and protecting human from the diseases of the modern era, providing the body with vitality, energy , activity especially the mental activity and clarity of thinking, activating the circulatory for the businessmen and thinkers for supporting also on increasing the focus and quick memorizing capacities, as well as, delaying the symptoms of aging, and adding youthfulness to the skin. All such features configured it as the ideal gift for men and women of the middle class, and those of the high reputable class. However, it became the ideal gift for many delegates of those who visit the State which involves the significant businessmen, leaders, and presidents of countries, Emirs, and kings because of its high quality type and unique value with its high luxurious packaging which entitles it extra unique appearance among the traditional luxurious gifting packages familiar between people.